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Shipping and Delivery

We deliver to pretty much everywhere within Australia, including both residential and business addresses, as well as P.O. Boxes and rural addresses. At this time we do not deliver outside of Australia.

For most locations, your coffee order is "targeted" to be delivered within 24-48hrs from time of despatch, Monday to Friday, though not guaranteed. Orders placed Monday-Thursday will be shipped out by the next business day. Orders placed Friday-Sunday will ship by the following Monday. Rural deliveries typically take 2-5 days to be delivered after despatch from Coffee Supreme.


Shipping Costs

Pick up from The Abbotsford Club - Free

Cargone Courier - same day bike courier inner-city Melbourne - $8.00

Express Post Australia Wide:

  • Less than 500g  - $8.00 (VIC-$7.20)
  • 501g to 1kg - $11.40
  • 1.1kg to 2kg - $13.20
  • 2.1kg to 3kg - $16.20 
  • 3.1kg to 5kg - $21.60 

What is fresh coffee?

Our coffee arrives to you between 1-3 days after roasting. Peak flavour of your coffee, if whole beans, last for up to 10 days after roasting. This doesn't mean your coffee goes off after 10 days, its just not quite as flavourful. To store your coffee we suggest you place your coffee in an air tight container and put it in a dry cupboard.


Calculating how much coffee you need

Our philosophy is "less but often". Knowing how much coffee you need depends on the brewing method you use and how much coffee you consume each day. A good idea is to assess how much coffee you drink per day and order no more than 10 days worth. 


A Matter of Taste

It's a year round job to ensure everything from coffee selection, roasting, and delivery is the best we can make it. If you have some feedback about your coffee purchase or online experience please contact us - we want to know. Call us on +61 3 9428 3148 or email us at shopau@coffeesupreme.com    

Whole beans or pre ground coffee?

In our opinion, grinding your own coffee produces an infinitely better coffee experience. We encourage you to invest in a quality coffee grinder if you haven't already. That being said, if you need your coffee pre-ground we are happy to do that. It’s worthwhile noting that we use a generic grind setting for each brewing style that is designed to suit most people. There is always an exception where our designated setting will not match your requirements. This is one of the limitations of pre-grinding coffee. If you receive coffee from us but are unhappy with the grind, please let us know. However if we have ground your coffee according to your order, there is little remedy we can offer.

Information Collected

We do not collect personal or business information on shop.coffeesupreme.com visitors unless it is voluntarily provided. As such we will not sell, trade, rent, or give individually identifying information to third parties. We use the personal information collected from you in the order process to help us deliver your order, to contact you about your order if we have questions, and to improve our site to serve you better.


How we use your contact information

Every order you place will generate an e-mail confirmation. You will also receive a final email confirming the dispatch of your coffee order. We will also get in touch with you (via phone or email) if we anticipate any delays with your order or if we are unexpectedly out of stock of a particular item. We also periodically send out an email newsletter. If you would like to receive our newsletter, please "opt in" to our mailing list by completing the form located on the homepage.